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This project required development of a customized solution for user's roles integration and validation into a private forum.



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Embarcadero is committed to providing the industry's broadest and deepest set of software tools for developers, DBAs, and architects. Widely recognized for its award-winning products, Embarcadero enables customers to work more efficiently with the industry's major database platforms, operating systems, frameworks, and programming languages. Embarcadero's heterogeneous tools enable customers to design, build, and run their databases and applications in the environments they choose, free from the constraints, costs, and learning curves associated with multiple platform-specific tools.

Embarcadero is also dedicated to making software tools much easier to manage. With Embarcadero's flexible licensing options, unique AppWave technology, and cost-effective All-Access offerings, Embarcadero's licensing innovations help customers reduce the costs associated with software tools management and deployment.

Since 1993 Embarcadero's products have enabled customers to enhance staff productivity, optimize costs, streamline compliance, and accelerate development and innovation.


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